Hi! This week I wanted to share 10 of my favourite pink accessories. If you’re into pink or even if you’re not, you’re going to love these! Also as it’s Mother’s Day back home I’m sharing how I’ve accepted not being the perfect mum. I hope you enjoy the post!

Let’s Talk About That Pink Bag

You know I have a soft spot for luxe bags and it’s pretty hard not to fall for the Le Pliage Héritage bag from Longchamp. I mean, just look at it. Between the coral colour, the gold chain detail on the adjustable strap, the cute size but spacious interior – seriously, what’s not to like?

The best thing about this bag is the pinky hue. So when I was looking for ways to wear THE colour of the season without having to actually wear pink, this bag was a Godsend. Plus it’s the perfect way to lift what is otherwise a pretty simple look.

Details of this Longchamp bag are below along with 9 other pink accessories to vamp up any outfit.

Heart Attack Then Pink Haze Now Botox

I wore this look on Saturday for coffee and a quick trek around the shops. I had to go into Zara to return a couple of things and ended up nearly needing medical assistance for a heart attack (ok I’m being dramatic). My little girl Malin who’s 4, nearly 5 disappeared from beside me in the queue. I looked around and she had completely vanished. One minute she was there singing beside me and the next gone.

I started running around looking for her, shouting like a lunatic and ended up outside the front door. It turns out she had run outside to her dad and little brother. I was so angry and thankful at the same time and I definitely aged at least 10 years. I may need botox sooner than I’d hoped. Actually if anyone has ever had botox can you send me your thoughts. Is it worth it? What should I look out for?

I’m Not The Perfect Mum But That’s OK

The experience made me think about being a mum and how awful I was for letting her out of my sight. I still feel sick thinking about it.

I’ve learned a lot over the last 5 years about parenting and about myself. I had such high expectations when I was pregnant with Malin. I was going to be THE best mum ever!!

I thought we would spend all our time together when I wasn’t at work. I would feed her only healthy snacks and home cooked meals. We would do lots of classes and activities together. I would hardly ever get angry or lose my temper because she was my child not someone else’s annoying brat and she would calm down quickly once I explained why she couldn’t have whatever it was she was demanding. And of course it didn’t quite work out like that at all!!

I soon learned that I wasn’t going to be that perfect mum. I was exhausted when I got home from work. I didn’t have the energy to cook fresh every night and often grabbed a pizza from the freezer for dinner. I hated going to mummy/toddler groups at the weekend mostly because of the other mums (they were too mumsy, sorry) and my ‘no you can’t have that‘ explanations were completely ignored and received with more screams.

Christian came along 2 years ago and I’ve learned that being ‘perfect’ isn’t actually what my kids need. It’s ok to be human, to have days when we don’t leave the apartment because it needs a good clean. I do give in to their demands for tv or feed them something I haven’t cooked from scratch. Aside from the basic food, hygiene and safety requirements my kids just need me and my husband to be happy and to give them our attention.

I Will Still Try To Be More Like My Mum

I’m lucky to have my own super mum so I know what it feels like to have a female role model to look up to and share with. She has an MBE so totally is the real deal! We’re close and I’ve always wanted that for me and my kids. I also have a great dad, not to leave him out!

While I am certainly not perfect here’s what I think I do well and what I try to focus on every day:

  • Hug them and tell them I love them every day
  • Tell them they can be and do whatever they choose to in life as long as they work at it
  • Look them in the eye when we talk
  • Share how my day went and the things that made me laugh
  • Trust my gut when it comes to their health and emotions, if you think they need a hug they probably do
  • Praise them when they complete a task especially if it’s a tricky one
  • Encourage them to think for themselves and use their initiative
  • Sing and dance around the apartment just because
  • Remind them we’re family and will always look after each other.

I’d love to know what your experience of parenthood has been like. How do you forgive yourself for not being perfect?!

For even more pink inspiration check out my pick of the best pink pieces available now including splurge and budget options – over here.

Thanks for dropping by! J xx

Outfit Details

Cross body Bag LONGCHAMP // Sweatshirt TWO SONGS (old, similar here) // Jeans ZARA (similar here) // Trench coat IRIS & INK (old, similar here and here)// Heels MANGO // Sunglasses RIVER ISLAND (old, similar here)

Pink Accessories


Top row from left: VALENTINO Bag Strap £525.00// MAJE Heels £280.00 // GENEVIEVE SWEENEY Socks £20.00

Middle row from left: PRADA Card Holder €210.00 // & OTHER STORIES Glasses £35.00 // SCOTCH & SODA Scarf €49.95

Bottom row from left: GUCCI Scarf £245.00 // NEXT Belt £22.00 // NIKE Cap €16.00

Thanks to Longchamp for lending me the bag for this post.

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