The twilight zone between Christmas and New Year is always a weird one don’t you think. I forget what day it is, how many Cadbury’s Heroes I’ve eaten, how much I’ve spent online and whether I’ve left the house. You know.

At this time of year it’s hard not to get a little reflective. I like to think back and remember the moments that made me laugh, the (good) surprises, personal achievements and the lows I’ve come through. I usually don’t think too hard about the next year. I figure I’ll tackle it head-on and take / make opportunities as I go. But 2016 has been a strange year all-round. One that certainly surprised and in some cases disappointed. It’s not healthy to dwell and we have to keep moving, keep dreaming and working towards our goals. So I’ve got my eyes firmly fixed on 2017 and all the good times to come.


My 2016 highlights were:

  • Starting this blog and meeting the most inspiring, creative people through it. It’s amazing how a hobby can become such a huge part of your life
  • Going to my first Paris Fashion Week and being swept up in all the fashion drama, I honestly didn’t want to leave! Read more about my experience here
  • Celebrating my son Christian’s 1st birthday
  • Bringing my daughter Malin to her first day in kindergarten
  • Working with amazing brands and having the best fun shooting looks from Dune London, Genevieve Sweeney, Next, Longchamp, BA&SH, Moe Oslo, Kelly Love, Dori Tomcsanyi and Anine Bing
  • Getting my hands on the Gucci Dionysus bag – check out my honest review here
  • Road-tripping across Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Lichtenstein – read my favourite bits about that trip here
  • Celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary (he deserves a medal for that one).


Check out just a handful of the millions of photos that didn’t make the blog. Keep scrolling…


Not to get all soppy or anything but I wanted to say thanks for all your support, comments and likes throughout the year. I wish you and your families a peaceful and happy New Year. I can’t wait to get stuck into 2017!

Thanks for dropping by – J xx

First up, the intense staring….

Getting ready for the shot, being more interested in coffee and laughing way to much…

Baddd hair…

…and my kids waiting for me to hurry the hell up…

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