If there’s one piece of clothing I’m picky about and obsess over before buying it’s a good coat. I love a classic coat and a structured style but lately I’ve found myself reaching for my fluffy faux fur coats as I head out the door. I think it’s the texture, they’re so strokeable! Plus they make whatever I’m wearing look more interesting. I’ve always believed great outerwear has the transformative power to turn the most basic look into something worth talking about. Plus they’re cosy and who doen’t need extra layers these days?!

You all loved the Mango faux fur coat I posted on Instagram last week. I don’t blame you. The texture and chestnut colour are the stuff of autumn dreams. Plus I’m getting extra cuddles from the kids so that’s a bonus. I know you’re all mad busy so I’ve pulled together a cheats guide to 24 faux fur coats available now from designer favs to high street best and online bargains. Which one is your fav?

Thanks for dropping by! Enjoy the rest of your week, J ♥


High Street



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