As someone who requires round the clock coffee and appreciates a smooth cappuccino I’m happy to share my favourite coffee spots in Zurich.

Babu’s Bakery & Coffeehouse

Babu’s is located on Löwenstrasse just off the famous Zurich Bahnoffstrasse and makes a great central spot for breakfast, catching up with friends or just taking time out on your own. The large cafe is cosy and has an eclectic feel with mismatched tables, chairs and vintage crockery. Their mantra is “Where a high quality cup of coffee means more” and the coffee doesn’t disappoint. The pastries, vegan treats and lunches are pretty good too. On the weekend you’ve got to try their brunch, I love the hash brown with fried eggs and cheese, so delicious! If there are kids in your group its worth noting that there isn’t much space for buggies indoors but if you can’t squeeze in there’s space to dine al fresco at one of the tables just outside the door.

Tip: for Saturday and Sunday brunch make sure to reserve a table as the cafe is popular and often rammed.

ViCAFÉ Bellevue

The ViCAFÉ Bellevue is based out of a hatch in the wall so coffee is to-go. Prepare to queue to get your hands on the best flat white in the city. This stuff is velvet coffee gold! The staff are always friendly and service is efficient. Best of all they offer three cup sizes so no need to go to Starbucks for a bucket of coffee. It’s a pet hate of mine being offered one size of coffee (there’s never enough).

Tip: in the warmer weather take your coffee across the street to the Sechseläutenplatz and sit on one of the many chairs strewn across the plaza overlooking the Opera House and Zurich lake.

Café Henrici

One of the first cafes I visited when I moved to Zurich and a favourite among the locals, Café Henrici is reputed to brew the best coffee in the city. From my own experience this place certainly serves a good coffee that is full-bodied and balanced. Café Henrici is located in the Niederdorf area (old town) overlooking a bustling square and fountain. There’s a relaxed vibe no matter what time of day you visit and they don’t rush you to leave. Stay indoors in the comfortable wooden interior which has a mix of seating including sofas and low tables or enjoy the views and people watching outside. As well as coffee they serve delicious lunches, brunch, cakes and cocktails.

Tip: for a traditional lunch or dinner you’ve got to try their flammkuchen!

Milchbar Paradeplatz 

The Milchbar at Paradeplatz offers one of the best seating areas for coffee in the city centre. Overlooking a central courtyard, the cafe is spread across two rooms with outdoor seating in between. As well as making amazing coffee they serve tantalising cakes and lunches. If you’re looking for a break mid shopping this place is an oasis.

Tip: sip your coffee outdoors and enjoy the views of the garden and stunning green fountain.

Grande Café & Bar

The Grande Café & Bar is an institution in the city and the barista’s there take their coffee seriously which is great news for us because it tastes awesome! The venue itself is also special. With its rustic and distressed interior it’s full of personality (Insta-pretty!). The cafe is popular from morning to evening and while there isn’t a lot of seating indoors, there are plenty of tables and chairs outdoors overlooking the Limmat River.

Tip: make this one of your first ports of call when you arrive in the city, it’s the perfect spot for people watching and getting your caffeine fix.


Cakefriends serves up a double whammy of great coffee and delicious cake. Located just off Bellevue on the edge of the old town the cafe offers a wide selection of drinks as well as homemade breakfast and lunch dishes, pastries and muffins. The interior is bright and minimalist with comfortable seating and staff are attentive and friendly.

Tip: this place is great if you fancy something sweet with your coffee so take a group of friends and get the cake platter. Seriously good!

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