When it comes to accessories there’s no disputing a designer bag can elevate any outfit. It’s the one accessory I’m happy to save for and invest in but I’ll let you in on a secret, I rarely buy new or pay full price on my designer treasures. The majority of my bags are pre-loved, meaning they’ve had at least one previous owner who has looked after them well. 

As well as exceptional quality and craftsmanship there’s longer term investment potential in designer purchases. Particularly if you look after them and pick them up at a reasonable price to begin with. And a worthwhile investment it is too according to Baghunter, the online destination for luxury bags. It turns out our designer bags are continuing to escalate in value (this is the proof we’ve been waiting for!). Over the last six years the Chanel Medium Classic Flap bag increased its worth by over 70 per cent! If you don’t believe me check out their research here and share it with anyone who tries to talk you out of buying! 

Aside from the discounted price, the beauty of buying vintage and pre-loved is that you’re more likely to get a unique piece or one you’ve lusted after but missed out on. There are many vintage bag stores and resale sites now for designer handbags e.g. Vestiaire Collective, Trendlee, Rice and Beans Vintage and when it comes to making your selection you’ll need to stay focused. With so much choice it can get pretty distracting and all to easy to buy everything in sight (believe me!). I tend to go for classic pieces and forget trends – a quilted black Chanel, Louis Vuitton Speedy, Chloe Mini Marcie, vintage Dior, Claire Vivier leopard print clutch.  Don’t feel you need to rush out and buy the next ‘it’ bag just because everyone else has one. Instead wait until you’ve done your homework and can make a rational decision about a super emotional purchase!

Scroll down for outfit details and tips on buying pre-loved designer bags.

Happy hunting for your special purchase. Do let me know how you get on and if the tips have been helpful.

Thanks for dropping by – J ♥

Tips For Buying Pre-loved Designer Bags

  • Know what you’re buying – research the features of the bag you’ve got your eye on e.g. how does the logo typically appear on that bag, what colour lining does the designer use, is there a certain style of stitching? You can find lots of useful information online.
  • Price it – check how much the bag cost when it was brand new and how much it has sold for recently on resale sites.
  • Accept imperfections – it’s a pre-loved piece so chances are it will have some scratches or wear. This is perfectly normal and if it’s in decent condition won’t take away from the amazingness (is that a word?!) of the bag.
  • Try it on – get a feel for how the bag looks on you and check the size of internal pockets, the colour and quality. Some small bags look ridiculously dinky when I hold them, maybe it’s because I’m tall? If you can’t see the bag in person find photos of what it looks like on other people. I often check in with other bloggers to see how the bag looks on them before deciding whether to get it. 
  • Buy from a reputable dealer – ok it’s an obvious one but before buying from anyone try to get a referral from a friend or someone you trust who has used the site or store (and had a positive experience!).
  • Be prepared to walk away, especially if you’re in a bid situation. Have a budget and stick to it. Some sellers will come back to you and make a deal if they can’t get the price they were originally looking for. Don’t rush in and buy something you’ll regret later, that just spoils the whole experience.

Outfit Details

Clutch bag ♦ Burberry, bought pre-loved from Vestiaire Collective

Shirt ♦ Zara (sold out, similar here)

Denim Skirt ♦ Warehouse (similar here)

Sandals ♦ Carvela 

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