I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and in my eyes they’re super women, working hard (contrary to what certain Vogue editors might think) to inspire us and do the hard work so that we can look and feel our best. The thing is I don’t follow the same type of blogger. They each have their own style and go-to colour palette and I love that diversity.

Some are committed to a minimalist style, some love vintage anything, some favour a boyish silhouette, others a romantic look, and there are those whose style lies in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s (you get the gist) but regardless of their style there’s one common thread in all of their wardrobes and it’s not what you would expect. It’s the colour grey.

As colours go grey isn’t exactly what you would call exciting. We’re conditioned to think of it as bland, dull and unflattering (because it usually is). It’s the colour of our urban environment where cold, hard concrete is king. It’s not typically associated with vitality, good health and looking our best. It doesn’t light up a room and it isn’t the colour you pick to make an entrance. So why is it so great to wear and why do bloggers love it?!


1. It’s doesn’t compete for attention. It’s complimentary. It works well with most colours whether that’s monochrome black and white or a bold or pastel shade. This allows the statement piece in the outfit to truly shine. Grey is a team player making the rest of the outfit look great.

Blogger tip: wear it as an accent colour with bright shades, florals and abstract print.

2. It can hold it’s own. It may be comfortable as the supporting act but it can play the lead role too. Head to toe grey is one of the most flattering looks and one of my favourites. It’s subtle, silent and puts you firmly in charge.

Blogger tip: wear it all over for a confident uniform look.

3. It’s an all-rounder. Sober enough for the boardroom and soft enough for the sofa, grey is the perfect partner to black, white and navy at work and with denim blues and cotton whites off-duty.

Blogger tip: invest in a good quality grey blazer you can wear to work and over layers at the weekend.

4. It illuminates. Grey is a great highlighter colour and perfect for showing off the details in textured pieces.

Blogger tip: make things more interesting with pleats, lace, sequins and wool.


I love how Olivia has styled grey with blue, tan and red accents. Which look is your favourite? 


I’m in layering mode at the moment especially as we’re still getting a few sunny days here in Zurich. Please, please let them last. It’s so hard to know what to wear these days. It feels like every good outfit is camouflaged by a coat or chunky knit which to me is such a waste so I’m giving this silvery grey top all the attention it deserves. I got it from Topshop a while ago and am only getting round to wearing it now. I actually get excited when I find tops like this – minimal, muted, simple but with a twist. It’s already out of stock online (typical) but I’ve found some great alternatives for you!

I paired my textured top with grey skinny jeans and charcoal block heels for a full-on grey look. Remember the grey luxe bomber I wore last spring (check it out here)? I think I’ll be wheeling that look out again soon.


For more inspiration on how to ‘transition’ (still not a fan of this word) into autumn check out my post here with THE most incredible knit.

Scroll down for outfit details and a bounty of grey textured tops.

Thanks for dropping by! J xx

Oh and thanks to my blogger mate Charlotte from Nylon Threads for giving me the inspiration for this post when I had a major blank on what to write!



Top TOPSHOP (sold out!) // Jeans ZARA (similar)// Heels BALENCIAGA (old) // Bag GUCCI // Chunky Bracelet LINKS OF LONDON // Skinny Bracelet TIFFANY

Top row from left: Y.A.S (€53) // BOOHOO (£18) // RIVER ISLAND (€25)

Bottom row from left: TIBI (€590) // IRIS & INK (€145)

Photography by Jennifer Maerz

Other images from Pinterest

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