This month I chat with Charlotte Green from Nylon Threads. Read on to find out more about the London based blogger, her secret to creating the perfect Instagram feed, style icons, body image and her beauty tips!


Name: Charlotte Green  Based: London

Instagram: nylon_threads  Twitter: nylonthreads

Hi Charlotte! You started fashion blogging on Instagram in 2015, right? What made you start?

That’s right! I watched my boyfriend take a U-turn to pursue his dream career and it got me thinking about whether I’m pursuing everything I want to. I have a successful career in the city but it can become all-consuming. So I wanted something to focus on besides a demanding job. I wanted something I could own and develop for myself and I wanted something more creative. I’ve always had a natural interest in style and beauty so it was as good as any place to begin! The truth is, I thought Instagram would just be a bit of fun, but instead, over the past year I’ve developed a huge amount of new skills, knowledge and a new network of friends which I can’t imagine losing now. So it’s part of my life as much as my career, which I never imagined would happen!


You work full time and manage your Instablog, how do you do it? Do you have a blogging schedule?

Counter to all advice I don’t have a blogging schedule! This is still a hobby for me and I want to keep it fun – a blogging schedule sounds a bit too much like work! Don’t get me wrong, you can’t be disorganised as a regular blogger, you need to source outfits, organise a photographer, make time for editing and not least come up with captions! Undoubtedly my life has become too full, but but I organise my personal schedule within an inch of its life so that I can fit everything, including Instagram, in. It’s hard work and sometimes I do wonder if I’m letting it get too much, but on those days I just take some guilt free time off and usually the next day I’m desperate to see everything I’ve missed! To be honest, seeing the amazing content produced by other bloggers can often be my main driver; I want to know how they did it, what makes it work so well and then try to recreate it to learn.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Undoubtedly the bloggers and followers. I speak to the same people everyday from across the world. And I’ve been lucky enough to meet several in person, either in London or when I’ve been abroad. Not only do I love the friendships developed but I’m floored by the creativity and quality of content produced by the community of bloggers. There is so much talent that inspires, challenges and entertains beyond the capacity of any advertiser and often with so little resources. It’s absolutely magnetic and I adore being a part of it.


How has blogging influenced your style and how you shop?

A massive learning curve was finding my own style! I love experimenting with style and I’m easily influenced by others, but being in front of the camera forced me to refine my style around my body and personality. For example I adore minimalist and androgynous style but it just doesn’t suit me. I’d find it hard to define my style in one word but I’ve learned a few adjectives – I’m polished (not grungy), feminine (not androgynous), elegant (not sexy) and so on! So in that way it’s influenced ‘how’ I shop. It’s also influenced ‘where’ I shop. I’ve found so many new brands, particularly Australian brands, through other bloggers. I don’t feel pressure to look good all the time. I don’t take my ‘IRL self’ so seriously! The content is very important to me but there’s no pretence that I have day’s where my hairs lank, I have dark circles and my outfit is most definitely not on point!

You have a beautifully cultivated Insta feed! What are your tips on making your Instagram account stand out?

Thank you! I’m still learning but if I look at the accounts I follow, my favourites all have things in common – most importantly good photography. My boyfriend is my photographer, we’re both amateurs but that’s part of the fun, learning together (so forgive us for the odd shot!). Another ingredient is art direction – I prefer shots showing the detail or movement and I prefer those with a more natural filter. Finally, for me, a key part is engagement – I’m drawn to bloggers that create captions which draw you a little further into their world, or who you create an ongoing dialogue with over day’s, months or years! It’s very important to me that I respond to the people that engage with my content and I am so grateful for them day in, day out.


How do you select / reject photos for your Insta feed?

For me the photographs are only half the job – editing can completely transform an image. And I don’t mean getting rid of a double chin or moving a hair (I’m frankly not good enough for that kind of editing, they just go in the bin!), but rather the way you crop the image, alter the lighting and apply a filter. On the other hand if the photo isn’t good enough to begin with no amount of editing can fix it, so they’re co-dependant. Often the cutting room floor is either ‘not my best angle’ (which is most of them!), a beautiful shot but with poor lighting or focus (OMG how annoying is that) and shots that just don’t fit in my feed. I create my feed on UNUM first so I can see how they fit together before I post and often some of my favourite pics don’t make the cut because they just don’t fit the flow (tragic!).

You’re currently working on your blog, right? When can we expect to see it?!

Ah you’ve got me! I’ve been promising a blog for about 6 months but to be honest, I’m not sure it’s what I want. Other than Instagram, I’m a mass consumer of YouTube – I’m completely addicted to Lydia Millen, Lizzy from shotfromthestreet and IntheFrow to name my fav brits! So actually, you hear it first, I think I’ll be exploring YouTube as my next step before I write a blog!


What makes the perfect outfit for you?

Something that suits your body – I’m tall (5’8), size 8-10 and pair-shaped with slim arms and a modest chest(!) compared to bigger thighs and bum. So my perfect outfit is usually focused on my top half – light fabrics like a silky shirt, with a low neckline which lengthens my torso, whilst keeping my bottom half darker colours (and I rarely wear anything that cuts off on my thighs). Knowing (and being honest with yourself) about your body shape will make you more comfortable in your clothes because you’ll buy the clothes that show off your best assets. It’s taken me until my late 20’s to accept that but now I have, I look better than ever because I’m buying the right clothes.


Who are your style icons?

I’ve never really understood the term ‘icon’ to be honest, I’m more influenced by things I see today in real time, things I can directly click and buy! So the idea of influencers is more interesting to me. I’m not influenced by celebs so I’m keeping it in the Instagram fam which is a genuine reflection of where my style influence comes from! I get inspiration from so many girls but to name a few that are that are always top of mind – Beige Renegade , Talissa Sutton , Harper and Harley and Happily Grey

Where are your favourite stores to shop?

I generally shop mid market for no other reason than the quality of cut and fabrics that last longer and get greater cost per wear. I’m addicted to Cos, Whistles, Reiss, Hush homewear and ‘&other stories’ from the high street. I adore The Kooples and Sandro for more tailored items. But I’m also obsessed with Australian labels including C/MEO, Keepsake, Finders Keepers and Third Form. My iPhone’s Safari is full of websites which I’ve found through other bloggers, so I’ve got loads more I need to try! I always shout out the new brands I’m loving so my followers can also share my love!


How important is healthy eating and body image to you?

Aside from the people in my life, health is my top priority. I’m moderate rather than obsessive though – I do drink, I don’t always eat clean (although I never eat or drink what I believe are really toxic things like RedBull and takeaways or ready meals ) and I only exercise 3 times a week to fit everything else in! I’ve begun to incorporate fitness posts into my feed because of the importance of health in my life but also the importance of projecting a positive body image. Yes, I post the best pictures on Instagram and most days I’m bloated, but I hope what my followers see is a promotion of strength and muscle, not size. In some shops I’m a size 12 on my bum and thighs, but I’m fine with that because they’re strong. I follow as many fitness bloggers as I do fashion and beauty bloggers as a key source of motivation. From the fashion community frassyaudrey is my soulmate in this regard.

What’s your beauty routine?

I plan to start expanding my content into beauty this year. So will share much more then. But my daily skincare routine involves morning and evening cleanse, tone, moisturise and prime. I usually use Aesop or Elemis skincare products. Then my beauty routine includes a weekly tan (I use Fakebake original), and make-up from brands like Nars, Charlotte Tilbury and Hourglass. I do wear make up everyday but often miss the foundation if I’ve got fake tan on for a more lightweight and natural day-look. My fragrances of choice are Gypsy Water from Byredo and Thé Noir 29 from Le Labo.


What are your top 3 beauty tips?

1. Drink water! There’s no better beauty tip! I actually don’t like water, so I drink hot water with a slice of lemon in instead.

2. Change your pillow case twice a week. It sounds excessive but your face is pressed against it for 6 hours a day so the oils in your hair and residue make-up or fake tan can make it quite pollutant for your skin.

3. Get free make up lessons! Next time you run out of a few make-up items, take advantage of a make up lesson whilst you’re there. In most cases the cost of the lesson is redeemable against the make up you buy so why ever buy it again without a free make over?! If you’re like me I do the same thing day-in, day-out but I’ve improved my tools and skills through these free make up lessons and free tutorials such a Pixiwoo on YouTube (if you haven’t watched Pixiwoo it’s a must).


How would your friends describe you in 3 words?

Loyal, ambitious, prosecco-fiend!

Tell us something we don’t know about you?!

I’m a northerner, raised in Leeds/ Bradford…I moved to London about 8 years ago and lived in Hong Kong for just under a year, so I’ve lost any sign of the northern accent. This is probably to the detriment of my YouTube aspirations as I hear so many people (including myself) saying they love the northern bloggers like Victoria from IntheFrow and Lizzy from shotfromthestreet with their warm northern tones!

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