Some dresses SCREAM SUMMER and this blue wrap dress from Faithfull The Brand is blue skies, powdery white sand and crashing waves in a frock. You know I’m not one for overly frilly, girly dresses but this dress is a great compromise. It’s pretty and yes it’s girly but not too much. I especially love the bell sleeves and plunging neckline and just the general swooshiness (is that a word?) of the whole thing.



Vacay vibes (without the vacay)

You remember I went on holiday in April which let’s face it was AGES ago, so I’m chomping at the bit to get away again soon. Even though the sun is bursting here in Zurich (it’s been in the 30’s, I really can’t complain…) it’s just not the same being in the city when it’s so hot. Dear God send me a 5 star hotel, 24 room service, a view and a pool with insta-worthy decking. BUT as that’s not gonna happen any time soon I’ll just dress the part. I got this dress because of the relaxed summer feel and of course the blue colour which you know I’m partial to.



There are things you should know…

Just a note on sizing. My blue wrap dress is a size Small. I’m usually a UK size 8 but I thought the Small just fitted me and no more. Also I’m 5ft 8 and have broad shoulders with a long upper body and long arms (I sound like a right freak!). From the images on the brand’s website I can see the sleeves are meant to be long and loose over the hands but my dress doesn’t sit that way. All that being said I didn’t feel I needed to send it back. Though next time I would probably go for a Medium to have extra fabric all over. I just wanted you to know for when you’re ordering.



Of course the real test is how it all sits when you wear it. So I wined and dined this lil number over lunch in the old town with Eoghan (no kids!). Aside from one Marilyn moment on the street when a gust of wind caught the dress at just the wrong angle it sat perfectly.

Links to this look are below. As always, thanks for dropping by! J xx



Outfit Details

Dress FAITHFULL THE BRAND // Shoes MANGO (old, similar here) // Bag GUCCI


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