Have you ever been colour analysed? You know, in one of those makeover sessions where someone tells you what colours, patterns and shade of jewellery to wear based on your skin tone and hair colour? All in all, pretty useful intel. Up until they tell you something you don’t want to hear…


When I was 18 I was given a gift of a ‘Color Me Beautiful’ session for my birthday. It was an hour long session that involved piling lots of coloured swatches of fabric on my shoulders and an equally thick layer of make-up, along with a dodgy flick of blue eye-liner. I learned quite a few things that day. For one, I’m a ‘Spring’ person (they use seasons to categorize people). I can and should wear bright colours, all the time. Two, I shouldn’t wear bold patterns or tight gingham checks (no real loss there); and three, I really, really don’t suit blue eye-liner (good to know).

I was also told that I shouldn’t wear black, that it does nothing for me and should avoid it at all costs! Now I’m all for taking advice, especially from people who know better, but this pearl of wisdom was one too many and one I did not agree with (then or now).

The thing is I’m a massive fan of dark layers. I think black does suit me (though tell me if you disagree) and I don’t see why a colour chart should dictate what I wear. As far as I’m concerned a dominant dark look for winter is perfect plus it’s the easiest way to get dressed. Just bundle your black clothes together for an all-black look. Or create dark layers with black, grey and navy. Yes, I’m lazy but I’m also right and my advice to you when it comes to fashion is to ignore all advice (except mine, obviously) and follow your gut. In the worst case copy someone you think has a better sense of style.


This flashback to rejected advice made me think what other nuggets of wisdom I would share with my 18 year old self. Here’s my list so far:

  1. Wear more red lipstick.
  2. Keep playing sports, your thighs will thank you.
  3. Aim for the top in everything you do, even if you don’t make it first time round, you’ll still fall above average and are getting closer to your goals. Never give up and always, always back yourself, even when others make you want to doubt yourself.
  4. Travel, travel, travel.
  5. Learn another language, it’ll help if you ever move country, to oh say Switzerland.
  6. Appreciate your sister more. She’s the only other person who truly knows where you come from and how deeply crazy and loving you are.
  7. Don’t give idiots the time of day, they’re not worth it in fact they’re dangerous, stay away.
  8. Keep wearing black, it suits you.


I can’t get that advice about not wearing black out of my head but I’ve learned to ignore it. So here’s a typical look I usually wear at this time of year. I love dark layers and mixing black with other dark shades like navy or charcoal grey, combining different textures like wool, leather, patent, tweed and silk to keep things from becoming dull.  Most of what I’m wearing is from last winter but I’ve linked similar pieces below, just keep scrolling….

What advice would you give your younger self? Leave a comment in the box below. I’d love to hear!

Oh and check out other ways to style this blazer here.

Thanks for dropping by – J x



Blazer ZARA (similar here) // Knit H&M (similar) // Faux Leather Leggings ZARA // Ankle Boots ZARA (similar) // Bag CHANEL (similar)

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