I’ll be honest, my affection for granny shoes has been a slow burn. Initially I just didn’t get it. They looked confused. Not quite flats, not quite heels. Way too ‘safe’ and comfort-oriented.

Then something happened. Like when a bloke you’ve been friends with for years gets a decent haircut and a bit of female attention, I started to see these shoes in a whole new light. Admittedly I had been stalking them online but it was only when I saw them in real life, styled and worn by someone other than Grandma that I started to get jealous.

We’ve all seen a surge in low heels over the past few years, thank the good Lord. Hands up who doesn’t have a pair of Aquazurra style lace-up flats, Valentino style rock studs or Chanel inspired ballet flats – if not the real thing then a pretty close likeness. When granny shoes appeared in the collections of fashion powerhouses including Celine, Chloe, and Lanvin we knew these sensible shoes weren’t walking out on us. Thankfully the High Street has embraced mid-heels giving us a chance to own a pair without having to re-mortgage. Check out my favourites below.

I spotted these vintage two-tone Celine’s on Vestiaire Collective (www.vestiairecollective.com) and had to move in with them. They haven’t disappointed.

Oh a word to the wise, when you’re wearing your courts you might want to avoid the head to toe granny look. Don’t even think about adding tights. Pair them with a leather skirt or flared jeans and a cotton tee to ensure a modern and simple look.

Check out some of my favourite bloggers working their mid-heels, Belle from Honey Belle (www.honeybelleworld.blogspot.co.uk), Alex from The Frugality (www.the-frugality.com) and Lucy from Fashion Me Now (www.fashionmenow.co.uk).

Outfit Details

Faux Leather Jacket ♦ Zara (similar here)

Cropped 501 Jeans ♦ Levi’s

White Shirt ♦ Next (similar here)

Bag ♦ Zara

Shoes ♦ Celine from Vestiaire Collective

My Top Picks 

My favourite granny / glove shoes on the High Street and online:


Top row from left:

  1. Topshop Gold Soft Glove Mid Shoes
  2. Mango Nude Heel Leather Shoes

Middle row from left:

  1. L’Oeil Taupe Socks Flat Heel in Faux Suede
  2. L’Oeil Mauve Socks Flat Heels
  3. H&M Light Mole Suede Court Shoes

Bottom row from left:

  1. H&M Black Suede Court Shoes
  2. L’Oeil Blush Socks Flat Heel in Faux Suede
  3. Uterque Camel Split Suede Mid-Heel Shoes

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