Prepare to get excited… The Fashion Gods have spoken, the humble hoodie is acceptable style outerwear. No really, I wouldn’t tease about something as serious as this. Not just for Netflix nights on the sofa or in-disguise slinking to the corner shop for milk, you can wear your hoodie anytime, anywhere.

Another 90’s inspired trend to hit us, the hoodie is big news for Fall-Winter 2016-2017 and one we can start wearing now. It’s perfect for layering in these transitional months, the ultimate comfort and the next best thing to pajamas. What’s not to like? Plus unlike some other trends out there it’s one you can easily wear without feeling like you’re making a ‘look at me’ statement.

I know what you’re going to ask me – was my hoodie not ‘in’ up until now? Well no, sort of. The hoodie has been around for decades but came back into the fashion-land spotlight last year when it was championed by the hugely popular label Vetements in their Fall 2015 collection. The style was oversized and loose with voluminous sleeves and a chunky hood. For their latest Spring ’16 collection Vetements pitched the hooded sweatshirt as the perfect partner for slip dresses, denim miniskirts and midi leather skirts. Of course if yours is big enough you could always throw off your trousers and wear it as a dress, a la Kendall and Rihanna. Heh it’s an option.

If you can get your hands on the must-have Vetements hoodie (they’re sold out everywhere) and you don’t mind forking out over $1,000 (USD) for one, go ahead. Or you could grab your old favorite sweat top at the back of your closet, the one you rocked and practically lived in during college. Just check for traces of pizza before wearing to work.

I’m doing things my way, so I’m wearing my hoodie in a regular size with a classic white tee and pair of cropped, frayed 501s. Leopard print flats, a trench coat and messenger bag complete the spring look.

Will you be wearing a hoodie to the office? I really want to know!


Outfit Details

Hoodie ♦ Tommy Hilfiger (similar here)

White t-shirt ♦ Levi’s on Asos (same style here)

Cropped 501 jeans ♦ Levi’s

Pointed flats ♦ Aldo (similar here and here)

Trenchcoat ♦ Tommy Hilfiger (similar here)

Cross-body bag ♦ Chloe

Aviator style glasses ♦ River Island on Asos

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