It would be too cliched of me to start this post with an energetic ‘new year, new start, new me…‘ because that’s not me and it’s just not true. In all likelihood I’ll probably keep on doing the same things I did up until a few days ago. Like wearing beautiful clothes! Speaking of which… this belted coat from Next just moved into pole position among all my outerwear. I sized up for a bigger look and check out that collar. So so beautiful.



When it comes to January reflections I’m not one for resolutions (if you have a goal just do it) and I love looking back at the year just passed. The great moments of the last 12 months, the places I’ve been, the laughs shared, the people by my side.


Thankfully there were loads of personal highlights…

  • starting the year off in Zurich (such a beautiful inspiring city, I miss it so much),
  • signing with Fotogen Model Agency in Switzerland as one of their first Influencers,
  • chasing the kids on the beach in Tenerife in April (there’s nothing like a sneaky early sun holiday in spring),
  • meeting some of my favourite bloggers and influencers for the first time and discovering they were THE nicest people,
  • doing the Meet The Blogger interviews for the blog (check them out here),
  • visiting Amsterdam and Geneva for the first time,
  • attending Malin’s Kindergarten Graduation,
  • moving from Switzerland to Ireland after 3 and half years in Zurich and being reunited with family and friends,
  • buying Christian his first pair of little glasses (he looks like that kid from Jerry Maguire),
  • getting my hands on the J.W. Anderson Pierce bag (there’s an honest review coming to the blog in January),
  • discovering the Diet Prada account on Instagram (seriously, it’s an absolute gem!).


…and there were some lows too

  • moving back home to Ireland (I’m torn by how I feel about it for many reasons but that’s another day’s therapy),
  • walking away from an old friendship that sadly turned toxic (sometimes you have to put your own heart first),
  • being tortured by social media on a daily basis. It’s my own fault. What kind of a world is it when your personal happiness is determined by an app and how many people see your photo. Seriously, it’s pathetic. I’m pathetic. But I’ve been so frustrated by my blog’s growth particularly on Instagram AND disappointed by the bloggers, some of whom I used to look up to, for cheating and buying likes and followers. Yet some brands and agencies continue to give them (paid) opportunities time after time. It’s just sad. This sounds like a rant. It is. I’m not impressed by cheaters. I see you. We all do. It’s ok, I know you felt pressured and frustrated by the changing algorithm and your friends did it and they seemed to get away with it, but it’s not right and you know that. The ironic thing is you actually produce some fantastic content. You don’t need to cheat so maybe in 2018 just stop. You’ll feel better when you look in the mirror.

Anyway best foot forward… I started the year in Howth, a fishing harbour on the coast near to where we live. Just me, Eoghan and the kids. We ate, walked, laughed, and ate some more. I’m so thankful for them and for this big grey coat.

My goals for this year? To work hard on the blog, to add more value for you. Most of all I’ll continue to cherish my beautiful family and friends because that’s what’s really important.

I didn’t write an end of 2017 blog post so let me take a moment to say THANKS SO MUCH to all of you for your support over the past year! You have no idea how much it means to me. I love you!

As always, thanks for dropping by – J xx


I’m wearing: Coat NEXT (I’m wearing a UK Size 10) // Sweater NEXT (I’m wearing a UK Size Medium) // Jeans NEXT (old, similar here) // Cap NEWERA (similar here) // Boots JESSICA BUURMAN // Bag GUCCI

Thanks to Next for gifting the coat and sweater

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