First up sorry I’ve been MIA from the blog for the past few weeks. The website was down and I’ve had a lot of family things on (like Christian splitting his head open on his birthday and needing plastic surgery! Ah 3 year olds….). And now I’m doing that annoying ‘blogger apologising for not blogging’ thing. Like who cares. I hate myself!


Anyway, about this post. You’re either going to love this look with all your little fashion heart or hate it with a passion and think I’ve lost the plot! That’s ok, I knew this one would divide opinion. It already has! So far Instagram loves it, Facebook isn’t a fan. To be honest I was a bit worried myself that I would look like my old Maths teacher (a bloke, FYI) who wore sandals and socks every day (aka a seriously bad look). But I’m trying not to overthink things. They’re just clothes Judith…


I wear jeans a lot so I try to challenge myself to wear something non-denim for at least 2-3 days a week. I’m loving wide leg trousers these days especially these Topshop navy check trousers with a lush green side stripe. Also an incredible pair of Maggie Marilyn track pants (the New Zealand designer is my new designer crush) from Net-A-Porter. Course they’ve since sold out so here’s a similar pair.

As another denim alternative I got this shimmery skirt in Zara. I knew I was onto a good thing when I wanted to wear it immediately. A sign of a good purchase I reckon… The socks are by Missoni. I bought them initially to wear with sneakers and boots for an added pop of colour. The whole socks and heels combo wasn’t planned but on a whim I threw it all on and it just worked. Boom! Plus I love how the socks’ chevron pattern contrasts with the vertical pleats of the skirt. A perfect clash.


I mentioned man-repelling in the title of this post because this type of look isn’t loved by everyone. Actually maybe we should rename it ‘people-repelling’. It’s not just a bloke thing, some women don’t like socks and heels together either (they told me)!

Me? I’m taking a French girl attitude to my fashion choices: wearing what I like, be it loose or close fitting, bright or dark; wearing his clothes if I fancy; being comfortable in my own skin that I can put on anything. Whatever way you do it, you do you.

What do you think of this look?

Thanks for dropping by! J ♥

I’m wearing: Skirt ZARA // Socks MISSONI // Heels ZARA (last season, similar here) // Jumper with Pearl Buttons ZARA // Bag GUCCI (the Blue Blooms Bag is sold out but I’ve linked the pink one!)


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