In the first Meet The Blogger interview of 2018 I catch up with Danish blogger Linnéa Funk. We chat about juggling a demanding college life and blogging schedule, staying true to her Scandinavian style, nailing the perfect Instagram shot and big design collaborations in 2018.


Name: Linnéa Funk  Based: Aarhus, Denmark

Blog:  Instagram: linneafunks

Hi Linnéa, thanks for joining us for a Meet The Blogger chat! You started off on Instagram and then created your blog right? How did the blog come about?

Thanks for having me! I did in fact start off on Instagram a couple of years ago but I quickly felt like a short caption under a photo wasn’t enough to satisfy my need to express myself in a more meaningful way. I then figured that it was time to start a blog where I could create my own little online universe.

You have a really beautiful blog and Instagram account with regular fresh content. How do you come up with blog post ideas? Are you blogging full-time?

Thank you so much, you’re too kind 🙂 at the moment I’m a full-time blogger/Instagrammer (luckily you don’t need millions of followers in Denmark to make a decent living) but I’m also working hard on getting my Master’s degree in Journalism. So I have to be smart about time management. I’ll usually plan content and campaigns some time in advance to have lots of time to find inspiration and come up with ideas. Inspiration somehow always comes to me in the middle of the night, so I always keep a little notebook on my nightstand so I can write everything down. If I have days where I don’t feel inspired I’ll just have a look in the notebook and use one of my old ideas. I also find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and YouTube.

What does your typical day look like?

I’m not a morning person and I like to work late at night so my day starts around 10 AM. I always start the day off with a cup of coffee and catching up on e-mails and Instagram in bed. Then I’ll usually shoot content, go to a meeting or university. In the afternoon I like to edit pictures, write a blog post and drink more coffee. After that I (almost) always cook dinner and watch Netflix for a couple of hours. When my boyfriend goes to bed I start working again and I’ll go to sleep around 3 AM. I live in the wrong time zone I guess!

Describe your signature look.

I love mixing trends with more classic pieces like a nice leather jacket or trenchcoat. I always wear some type of hat, an oversized sweater, sunglasses, a nice bag and a pair of killer boots. I like to dress casually (I am Scandinavian after all!) but you’ll rarely see me in denim. I really don’t like the feeling of tight clothes especially after lunch!

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

I find most of my style inspo on Instagram and Pinterest but also just by looking at people in the streets. I don’t like to copy entire outfits so I’ll get inspired by the small details of a look and try to make them my own. I also still read fashion magazines to keep up with the international runways. There’s just something about reading a print magazine that still gets me excited.

What trends will you be wearing this spring / summer?

I definitely want to wear more colors and feminine dresses this spring. Maybe I’ll even try to pull off a floral print here and there. But I’m pretty sure I’ll keep wearing French inspired looks, as the Parisian vibe is my all time fave.

Your photography is always stunning! Who takes your photos? What camera and lenses do you use?

My boyfriend helps me with pictures most of the time but I shoot a lot with @mowoblog at the moment. We like to help each other out even though we make completely different content. I used to shoot with a 50mm lens on my big DSLR camera but right now I’m shooting on my Canon G7x or my iPhone 7 to keep the pictures more “in the moment”. I don’t know why but iPhone photography is very trendy in Denmark – it just gets more likes on Instagram.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

I must admit that I don’t read that many blogs anymore. I tend to follow people on Instagram and YouTube instead. On Instagram I have a major girl crush on @negin_mirsalehi (who doesn’t) and on YouTube I really enjoy Emma Hill’s vlogs.

What advice would you give new bloggers on growing their blog and social media?

Stay true to who you are and don’t try to change yourself to fit in with the other bloggers. Work hard on building your own brand and always remember that quality content is the key to success. That means that you should never copy someone else. You can always find inspiration in what others do but BE YOU and stand out. People will notice if you’re being genuine or not.

What has been your favourite collaboration to date? Who would you love to work with in the future?

One of my fave collabs was with L’Oréal Paris where I flew to Paris to shoot video content for their online platforms. I haven’t actually seen any footage yet but I’m hoping it’s going to be good. I’m also very proud of a design collaboration I’m doing in 2018 but I can’t really talk about it yet, unfortunately! In the future I’d love to work more with Danish designer’s to help promote the amazing Scandinavian fashion scene.

Tell us something we don’t know about you!

My real last name is Funk. Some people think it’s some sort of weird stage name but it’s not. It was actually my Grandfather’s first name. Oh and I don’t like avocado. I think I must be the only blogger in the world who’s not totally obsessed with avocado 😉

What can we expect from you and your blog in 2018?

I’m planning on doing more interior and beauty related content this year. I’d also love to do short outfit videos and more graphic design. I’m planning on moving my blog to another network soon, so there’s a brand new design on its way as well!

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