In this month’s Meet The Blogger interview I catch up with London-based blogger Gemma Talbot from What’s In Her Wardrobe. We chat about standing out in a saturated blogger crowd, the realities of being self-employed, her go-to pieces this Spring/Summer, the secret to nailing a great Insta pic and her plans for the year ahead!


Name: Gemma Talbot  Based: London

Blog:  YouTube: Gemma Talbot  Instagram: gemmatalbot

Facebook: whatsinherwardrobe  Twitter: GemmaTalbot

Hi Gemma, thanks for joining us for a chat, we love your blog! Tell us about your blogging journey, how did you get started?

Thank you so much. I always loved reading blogs and had always loved fashion. Well by fashion I mean buying clothes and ultimately I knew that I wanted to start a blog of my own. I had put it off for years until my best friend Poppy gave me the kick up the butt I needed to actually do it. I just blogged purely as a hobby and would shoot on my days off or at weekends. It’s only when I started to get noticed by brands that I started to devote more time to updating my blog on a regular basis. After some hard work and perseverance, I now am so grateful to be able to blog full time.

You’ve been blogging full-time for quite a few years now? How did you reach that decision to make it your full-time job? Have there been any surprises / things about the role you didn’t expect?

I started to get approached my a number of large fashion brands and knew that I could start charging for the deliverables they wanted from me. It also started to become a conflict of interest when I was working at Topshop because often these brands were competitors and technically I was a brand ambassador for Topshop. I had began to fall out of love with my role at Topshop and really wanted to blog full time. I was still living at home rent free and as such didn’t have any monthly responsibilities such as rent. I know that not everyone is this lucky and I really was in a fortunate position which is why I decided to take the leap of faith and go full time as a blogger. I did get a part time job at first to support myself but I now blog full time and am so glad that I made the decision to do so. Obviously, my job is a learning curve and I am always learning. Essentially when you decide to work for yourself and become self employed there are so many things that you don’t even know about. Mainly tax and having to manage your expenses and income.

What does your typical day look like?

No two days are the same but I like to have a routine where possible in the week. I always set my alarm and wake up at 7.30am to get my first Instagram post up by 8am. I like to spend an hour each morning from 8-9am clearing my email inbox as much as possible before really starting my working day. If I’m having an admin day, which I try to do once a week I’ll use this time to update spreadsheets (yawn), invoice for any completed collaborations, file expenses and chase any late payments. If I am working on any collaborations I will edit photos or work on upcoming blog content. On the days where I am out shooting content for my Instagram and blog I’ll usually meet Sophie (Milner) somewhere in London. I’m always checking my emails on the go and getting as much work done as possible. If I have a meeting or event I’ll attend that but I do try and co-ordinate these at the same time just so that I am not eating into my day too much. When I get home, I’ll spend some more time working on any upcoming projects I have but frankly the admin side of my job takes up a lot of my time, especially emails. If I’ve secured a collaboration with a brand, it often requires me choosing pieces from the website which I have to spend time going through and thinking about pieces I am going to style it with. I tend to go to the gym around 4-5 times a week so as a rule I like to sign off at around 5.30pm for a couple of hours just to clear my head. Usually when I get home I’ll prepare my evening Instagram photo to be uploaded at around 8/8:30pm and sit down a do a bit more work. This varies from answering emails to finishing off a blog post I am working on or editing my Instagram post for the next few days.

Your professional background is in the fashion industry right? Do you think that has played a role in your success?

I have worked in various sectors of the fashion industry from PR to my most recent job as a personal shopper at Topshop. Whilst I think my fashion background shows that I have a genuine interest and passion in the industry I don’t think it would have been essential to getting me where I am today. Working for yourself as a blogger is hard work and also a learning curve and you pick up and learn so many new things along the way. I’m not just an Instagram girl, there is so much more to me than that and whilst working in the fashion industry has given me a number of skills I can apply to my job they’re not essential in my opinion.

What are your top tips on standing out in a saturated blogger market?

Definitely try to be as authentic as possible but ultimately try to be yourself because this way you’ll hand on heart know people are following you because they like your style and personality. If you love what you do I believe that your passion will show through your work.

You have incredible everyday style! Where do you get your inspiration? Who are your icons?

Thank you! What I post on my Instagram is a true representation of the clothes I wear on an everyday basis. I used to love reading magazines and following the latest catwalk trends but with the way technology has advanced now I actually get a lot of my inspiration from other influencers. Some of my favourites include Sincerely Jules and Chiara Ferragni.

What are the key pieces in your Spring/Summer wardrobe this year?

A pastel blazer, a great pair of straight cut jeans, loafers and pretty cami dresses and not forgetting my round circle straw bag. This makes any outfit look super cute.

Would you say you’re more into reading blogs or watching You Tube videos?

I used to love reading blogs but actually I love watching hauls because not only do you see the clothes in the flesh but it’s a lot easier to see how you can style them with different items in your wardrobe.

What bloggers do you enjoy following?

I like to follow bloggers that inspire me but some of my favourites include; Sammi Maria, Kavita from She Wears Fashion, Naomi Ross from Rossio Style and not forgetting my no. 1 hun Sophie Milner.

Your streetstyle photos are always stunning! What are your tips on nailing a great Instagram shot? Who takes your photos?

My Instagram wife, Sophie Milner is who I have to thank for helping me create all of my Instagram content. I love movement shots and generally favour a more candid photo. I used to take all my photos on a professional camera but now I just use my iPhone or Google Pixel. I feel like this is the type of content people want to see and generally they perform better on my feed.

Tell us something we don’t know about you!

I once dated someone with a gold tooth. Glint, glint!

How would your friends describe you?

Bubbly, fun, always up for a laugh, genuine and always willing to help but unfortunately a bit of a fuck boy magnet LOL. They love that they have access to my wardrobe especially for nights out.

What can we expect from you and your blog this year?

I am hoping to grow and expand my audience but ultimately I want to put more effort into creating content I am really proud of. I have really been making more effort with my written blog posts and have been finding that the more personal posts I write really do so well for me so I want to make a conscious effort to create more content like this.

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