In this month’s Meet The Blogger interview I catch up with Dublin and London based sisters Jane and Ruth from Style Ignite. We chat about what it’s really like blogging with your sister, their must-have pieces for the perfect wardrobe, how they capitalise on their designer and brand manager skills to manage their blog, favourite shoot locations in Dublin and London and who’s the pickiest when it comes to agreeing Instagram photos and captions!


Name: Ruth and Jane Flanagan  From: County Louth, Ireland  Based: London and Dublin

Blog:  Instagram: styleignite

Facebook: styleignite  Twitter: style_ignite

Hi Jane and Ruth, thanks for joining us for a chat! Tell us how your blog Style Ignite came about. When did you start blogging and why?

We came up with the idea of forming a blog on Valentine’s Day 2016…a true love for fashion! We are both very creative, love photography and fashion so it just all came together to form Style Ignite.

You both work in fashion and branding, right? How do you use your professional skills to manage your blog and create content?

J: I’m the lingerie and footwear designer for Dunnes Stores so my work day consists of researching lots of different brands online and trend websites to see what’s up and coming. I previously worked as an assistant food stylist and the skills I learned from that job have greatly helped creating fashion flatlays and lifestyle shots.

R: I’m a brand manager for Wildfox in Harrods so I’m constantly surrounded by women shopping! This has given me great scope on what women want to wear and styling different body shapes.

You’re sisters, how well do you work together in managing the blog? Do you ever disagree on what to write about, outfits to shoot or what you post on social media? Who’s the hardest to please / the pickiest?!

We definitely have our moments however we find working together really easy as we both agree on the same things (most times!) and have the same goal. We’re constantly on WhatsApp sending photos and captions back and forth. We’re both picky in our own ways, though Ruth is a bit more hard to please!

You both have incredible style! What are each of your wardrobe essentials?

J: I love mid length dresses, lace up sandals and a statement handbag.

R: For me, a good leather jacket and a nice pair of straight jeans are essentials in my wardrobe.

Who are your favourite bloggers? Do you prefer to read blogs or watch vlogs?

We love Queen of Jetlags, her photos are magic! Miss Gunner has an amazing feed and we love to watch her Insta stories. Sophie Milner is also great! She is so witty and relatable. The blogs we seem to read the most are by Andrea from The Haute Heel. She writes really interesting and helpful blogs about the blogging industry. We create shopping lists of clothes we want to buy that we see on

What trends are you wearing this Summer?

Linens, woven baskets, hair scarves and flatform sandals.

You feature beautiful photos on your blog and social media! Where are your favourite locations to shoot in Dublin and in London?

J: Dublin can be tricky to shoot in but I’ve recently found some nice spots around Portobello.

R: London has so many great locations to shoot! I usually go to Notting Hill, Chelsea, Westminster and Belgravia. I also like to shoot in coffee shops/ restaurants every now and then. It’s crazy how the trending London spots have really influenced how I dress since I’ve moved here. Food, fashion & lifestyle go hand in hand these days.

You both enjoy travel and eating out, do you have any trips planned for the rest of the year? We have a few trips in the pipeline.

Our big holiday this year is to Bali in August and we are so excited! The food is meant to be amazing, we have a few nice restaurants on our list.

What’s your favourite travel destination? Where have you had the most fun shooting?

Our most memorable place we shot in was in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We were just at the beginning of building our website and were creating lots of content for the launch. It was a really exciting time for us and we created some of our nicest shoots there.

Tell us something we don’t know about you both.

J: I’m a qualified chef

R: I’m ambidextrous!!

What was the last book you read?

J: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, this is a great read!

R: Cross Your Heart and Hope To Die.

What can we expect from you and your blog in 2018?

We have a really exciting partnership with an iconic fashion house coming up soon. We will be building our content on beauty and hope to create some video work as well.

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