This month I catch up with Sinead Crowe from Love Style Mindfulness. In the last Meet The Blogger interview of 2017 we chat about her journey as one of the UK’s top fashion bloggers, why blogging is a family affair, speaking openly about anxiety, fashion designer aspirations and big blog plans for 2018!


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Hi Sinead! Thanks for joining us for a Meet The Blogger chat. We’re huge fans of you and your blog Tell us how you got into blogging?

No thank you so much for having me! I’ve always been such a huge fan of you! I started blogging purely as a way to show my styling work to potential clients as at the time I was a freelance stylist. A job I truly loved which is amazing as that’s kind of an aspect of what I’m doing now. I just get to work for myself! At the time I had no idea how or what to do, I took all of the photos on my iPhone and wrote awkwardly!


You’re one of the hardest working bloggers out there, creating regular relevant content. How do you manage your blog schedule? Where does inspiration for blog posts and photo shoots come from?

It’s funny you say that because I’m definitely trying to cut back and get my life back a bit! I try to do 3 blog posts a week and 2 YouTube videos. I find it quite easy actually as I just love it so much and the ideas are endless. I guess with fashion blogging you could do 7 days a week as you have at least 7 outfits! Content wise my ideas usually come to me after I shoot. I’ll shoot a product or outfit I love and then create a topic based around a trend or a product that features.


You’re fully immersed in the fashion industry as a freelance stylist and fashion blogger. Where do you think your fashion journey will take you to next? We could see you having your own magazine column! Do you enjoy writing? Would you like to design your own range?

Oh my gosh a magazine column would be incredible! I would love that! To be honest I never really look too far into the future. I have goals that I set for myself but they are more based on the blogging industry and who I want to work with. Right now my 2 main goals are to be a CHLOE girl and to be at the Revolve Hamptons house! I really enjoy writing though I would never really class myself as a good writer. I write whatever pops into my head and I write it as I would say it. Let’s just say I don’t let grammar and spelling get in the way! I found that as soon as I started writing more freely and cared less about those bits my blog became more successful. People like to be able to relate to you. My own fashion line? Oh my gosh that of course would be amazing but I have no idea what I would do! I guess it would probably be either jeans, knitwear or dresses as those are my three things I just live in!


What’s your signature look?
It really varies! Right now it’s far too cold to wear anything with my legs out though 90% of the time I will be in a skirt or dress! I really found my girly side this summer and also fell head over heels for pink! I’d say 9/10 it’s my Balenciaga boots, a skirt or dress and a chunky knit!

Where are your favourite places to shop?
This is hard because since blogging and blogger mail became a thing I find myself shopping less and saving more for designer pieces that I can mix in with more High street pieces. My favourite places I go to when I do decide to go shopping are Revolve, ASOS and Topshop. I’ve literally always loved Topshop!


Tell us about your worst / most embarrassing fashion mistake!
Does it have to be recent?! The first thing that pops into my mind was in Year 5 at school, I was so young but the awful non uniform day has burnt into my memory and I will never forget the day I got it so wrong! All of the girls were in their pretty dresses and I showed up in trainers, joggers and a bright orange (I’m talking luminous) sports hoodie. I will never forget!

You’ve worked with some amazing brands this past year. Have you any highlights? What would be your ultimate collaboration?
My ultimate collaboration would 100% be Chloe. I always wanted to work with Revolve and I have actually started working with them recently which is incredible however to work with them more closely would be a dream! I also recently started working with Sincerely Jules’ shop which is a dream come true and she is one of my all time favourite bloggers. I’d say that my all time favourite collaboration has to be with Pandora. I am such a fan of the brand and have loved it since I was young. I also get on really well with the PR team to the point that I would consider them friends and I just love what the brand stands for, it has a heart.


On your blog you speak openly about dealing with anxiety and the power of mindfulness and positive thinking. Has blogging publicly about it helped you? What has been the reaction from your readers?
I wouldn’t say it’s really made a difference to me. As long as I’m open about it to my family and friends it’s ok. I made a choice to share my experiences online and continued with tips because people really resonate with it and it’s so common now that if I have experience with dealing with something and can help then I should definitely do that! The power of positive thinking is honestly incredible, my boyfriend still laughs at me and totally doesn’t get it but seriously I have so many examples of how it works and so many successful people use it!

Your sister Lauren features heavily on your social media, you seem to have the perfect sibling relationship! How do you support each other? Does she influence your style and vice versa? Has she ever told you not to wear something?!
We literally support each other so much with blogging. From taking each others pictures to deciding which ones to post. I think if we didn’t have each other then our boyfriends would go INSANE! We are each others sounding boards! In all honesty, we have such a love hate relationship, when you work that close to family it’s inevitable you have arguments as family are too honest! But it’s helpful, you want someone who will tell the truth! She’s my best friend and worst enemy at the same time but I literally couldn’t do it without her! She’s my rock!


You’ve recently moved into your own place. Congratulations! Can we expect more interior inspiration in 2018?
Oh my gosh I really want to do more but I find it hard because 1, the house is super small and 2, it’s not actually ours. It’s rented which means that we can’t change the ugly carpet!!! I do definitely want to do more though! I just don’t know when or how yet! But it will come! Soon!

Your Mum takes your photos, right? What are your top tips for creating great images?
Yes so it’s either my Mum or my sister. Me and Lauren both have a similar style of shooting and are super honest so we get good shots because I can say “you look bald” or “breath in” or “don’t pull that face” and we get the shot! With a photographer they would be like “honestly you look great” you want someone who’s honest! With my Mum the key factor in getting the shot is that she does what I want. I ask her to take a shot from here to here at this angle as she does it. Usually in maximum 3 shots. You want someone who will see what you want and help and take it, not someone who will think, actually it will be better if I do it like this. That’s why I always prefer to use non photographers!


Would you like to do more travel blogging? What countries / locations are on your bucket list?
Oh my gosh so much! I’d love to visit more of America, I’m going to New York just before Christmas and I’d love to visit Hawaii, San Fransisco, Texas, LA… so many places! I’d also love to visit Cuba & Mexico and obviously the Maldives!

Finally, what can we expect from you and your blog in 2018?
More of the same! As I said before I’m not a huge planner but I want to really grow my YouTube following next year and maybe pull back, less content and higher quality!


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