This month I catch up with Annette Tang from The Versastyle. The queen of monochrome spills her secrets to creating those epic flatlays, plus we chat vlogging plans, her past as a shoe designer (who knew?!) and the one accessory she recommends we should all invest in.


Name: Annette Tang  Based: OC/LA

Blog: Instagram: theversastyle

Hi Annette, thanks for joining us for a Meet The Blogger chat! You’ve been blogging for some time now, right? When did you start? What made you launch your blog

Hi! Thanks so much for having me! I actually started forever ago because I was a footwear designer (not currently) and I loved showing my travels as a designer and styling different outfits. Plus, I love photography and having a blog is constantly pushing you to be creative. But I think I finally started taking it more seriously maybe 2 years ago.

You have an incredibly stylish blog and Instagram account with regular fresh content. Are you a full-time blogger? Do you balance it with another job? How do you juggle it all?

Aww thanks so much! I’m not a full-time blogger. I have a full-time job but I’m super fortunate that I get to work a few days from home and my boss knows about my blog. Lol – I never feel like I’m juggling it all very well. Maybe for like a day and then I’m super behind again on emails, edits or something!  But I do what I know I can manage and accept what I can’t. Like I know I can’t attend showroom visits and events all the time or post a million times a day. Gotta be realistic!

What does your typical day look like?

I work regular office hours and then at 6pm-ish my second job as a blogger starts. I try to get a workout in on the days I work from home and then start emails, editing images, posting Instagrams, doing blog posts, etc. I’m pretty much always in a rush and trying to get as much done as possible! I love days that I can cross off everything on my to-do list! But relaxing is pretty much never on the list. My day usually ends with me catching up on Instagram right before I fall asleep. I think sometimes I fall asleep with my phone in my hand!

Describe your signature look? 

Definitely all black in jeans or faux-leather pants with a jacket of some sorts – blazer, bomber, trench. It’s just easy, effortless and you always look put-together.

What trends will you be wearing this spring / summer?

I’m actually really loving blushy pink and pale blue. It gives a freshness for spring and a pop of color with my all black. Also really hooked on white handbags right now!

You have an amazing collection of accessories – jewellery, bags, shoes, phone cases and sunglasses! Of all of these which should we invest in?

I think shoes are my go-to investments because I get the most wear out of it. There’s just certain styles that never go out of style for me because it’s just part of my style and are more flattering on me. Like open-toe booties. I know I can always easily wear them with pants, shorts, dresses etc. I don’t necessarily buy what is most in-trend but what works best for me long term.

Your photography is always visually stunning, who takes your photos? What camera and lenses do you use? What filters / apps do you use on your photos?

My boyfriend takes my outfit pictures – which of course took some training! We shoot with a Canon 6D with various lenses. I’m actually really bad at editing images with apps and have no clue about filters because I’m all about Photoshop and edit everything there. I do get a lot of messages about my edits and it’s not that I don’t want to share how-to do them but I think learning to find your own eye in photography and editing will just take you so much further in your creative journey. It’s about finding your aesthetic!

We have to talk about your epic flatlay shots! The versaflatlay is THE standard for flatlay photos. What are your tips for creating the perfect flatlay? Do you stick to any particular rules or techniques e.g. how you arrange items in the shot, the lens you use?

That’s so flattering! I think fun, interesting items is the first part to flatlays. Anything with awesome textures always pop in pictures or cute items like my emoji phone chargers. Of course beauty products are perfect for flatlays because of their size and pretty packaging. I always try to have a balance with everything going on in the image – like tilt one item this way, another item that way and I just build on that. Though a lot of times, it’s honestly my work essentials and then I start unboxing packages and BAM. My desk is a disaster.

I shoot them with a 50mm lens which is probably the worst option because the lens gives such a cropped view.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I hate sleeping. LOL. I mean at the end of the day I’m tired cause I always feel like I ran a marathon that day so I appreciate my bed but if I didn’t have to ever sleep and if I never felt tired I would be happy. I rather be doing something. Sometimes I feel bored when I’m sleeping!

Who are your favourite bloggers?

There’s so many amazing babes out there – I love @fashionedchicstyling, @miss_gunner, @thehautepursuit, @happilygrey just to name a few.

We know you love your beauty products! What are the 3 make-up or beauty products you can’t live without?

Just 3?? Ok, Dermalogica Charcoal Mask, Hourglass foundation and Lorac eyeshadow palette. Gotta have a clean face, foundation makes everything better and eyeshadow can make sleepy eyes look wide awake!

Do you think you’ll do any Vlogging in the future?

I do want to and have been thinking about it a lot actually because there’s still so much I can’t say in a photo.

What has been your favourite collaboration?

Henri Bendel would have to be my favorite. Their handbags are so chic and well-designed – it makes them so photogenic! Plus, their team is just so amazing.

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