Recently I got my hands on the most gorgeous mini bag from Furla. I picked it up in the Duty Free section in Zurich airport while en route for a mani/pedi and haven’t put it down since I freed it from the dust bag. You’ll recognise the Furla YoYo mini bag from my Instagram feed because I’ve worn it with everything over the past month and I just love taking pictures of it! This little Tardis works as a messenger bag and a tote and it has amazed me how much I’ve been able to fit into such a small bag. Check out the pics from little Furla’s photoshoot here.

This season we’re seeing a seismic shift in accessories. Jewellery has grown to epic proportions (here, here and here!) while bags have shrunk to miniature size. But don’t be fooled by the mini bag’s cuteness. These tiny bags are shaking things up, challenging our hoarder mentality and forcing a simpler, lighter life. And I have to say I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

As someone who can fill a bag no matter the size, trust me when I say you can survive with a small wallet, lipstick / lip balm and an iPhone. Well for a short while anyway… you can stash your other ‘essentials’ in a work bag, the kids buggy and the car, you know, just in case.

As well as the small but gutsy Furla bag, I’ve had this grey Chloe Mini Marcie bag on high rotation for over a year. She’s a stunner isn’t she. She may look small but can accommodate all my everyday must-haves. I can even get an Olympus Pen camera in there too, it just takes a bit of jiggling at the right angle. Check out how I styled it with my favourite boyfriend jeans for a fresh Spring look over here

Mini bags provide a hands-free, hassle-free lifestyle, plus they’re a great way of injecting colour and personality into your look. For those looking to own a designer bag this might be the chance you’ve been waiting for to nab one at a fraction of the ‘normal sized bag’ price.

Scroll down for a closer inspection of must-have mini bags. There are so many available right now at different price points and in a variety of designs, so I’ve grouped them into Splurge (if you fancy treating yourself) and Steal (all under £30 / €40). Go on, get a move on!

J ♥


Splurge Top Picks

If you’re looking for a designer bag with major personality check out these beauties…

Clockwise from top left (click on each link for more details): Anna Hindmarsh // Chloe // Charlotte Olympia // Gucci // Valentino // Sophie Hulme // Valentino

Steal Top Picks

For mini bags on a budget take a look at these little stunners… (I can’t believe they’re all under £30 / €40!)

Clockwise from top left (click on each link for more details): Mango // Zara // ASOS // Zara // Urban Outfitters // Mango // Mango


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