So a couple of months ago I decided to do something about the one part of my body I really hate, I had a non surgical nose job. It’s cosmetic surgery of sorts but without the anaesthesia and ‘going under the knife’. Though I’ll be honest, I haven’t completely ruled that out.

We all have something we don’t like about our body. That’s normal and no amount of assurance from others can get rid of those niggling feelings. The way I see it if you don’t like something about yourself then change it, if change is indeed an option. Or decide to get past it and move on. I’ve honestly been on both sides of the fence on this one. Some days I tell myself it’s fine, I’m over-reacting and being way too self conscious. It’s not that bad. But then there are days when I can feel it affecting my mood and sense of self. I also feel angry at my own inaction, I mean if it’s such a big problem then do something about it. So that’s what I did.

Anyway I wanted to share my experience as I reckon there are others out there who don’t know about this procedure. Or maybe you have heard about it but weren’t sure what was involved. If you’re not interested in this topic (or my nose!) scroll down. I’ve got a 20% discount from NA-KD for you and a coat dress that I’ve been layering over everything!

If you do want to know more about my non surgical nose job and fancy seeing the before and after pics read on!

Thanks for dropping by – J xx


Why the non surgical treatment?

I should say I didn’t rush into this decision or walk into the Dr’s office without doing some research beforehand. I did my homework. From what I read online and from my conversation with the Dr in a previous session I liked the sound of the non surgical procedure for my problem. I have a bump at the top of my nose near my forehead and the procedure would involve smoothing out the gap with filler. The Dr also tells me it will also make the nose look straighter. Yeh that sounds good!

But what sold me on it was the fact it would be a day procedure performed in minutes. It would cost a fraction of a full rhinoplasty and have instant results. So once I had decided that yes this was me I made the appointment.

The procedure

My procedure was performed in a clinic by a certified / registered Doctor specialising in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Here are some of the details:

  • Hyaluronic acid filler was used to even out the bump at the top of my nose and fill a small dip in the middle of my nose.
  • The filler was injected with a syringe and tiny needle. It was slightly stingy but not painful.
  • The procedure took about 45 minutes from start to finish. That included a 15 minute consultation at the start and me signing a consent form; 15 minutes to apply the numbing cream on the nose and waiting for it to take effect; 5 to 10 minutes to inject the filler and look in the mirror to check how it looked each time it was applied; and a couple of minutes at the end to apply nose strips.
  • I was told by my Doctor to leave the strips on for 7 days, which I did cause I’m a good patient!
  • I was informed that the filler will last from 8 to 12 months so I expect it to wear off in time.
  • The total cost was 450 Swiss Francs which is around £350 / €400.

So here are the BEFORE and AFTER pics taken in the Dr’s office. What do you think?

Things to know if you’re thinking about getting a non surgical nose job

For me there are two downsides to this procedure. First of all it’s a temporary measure. It will only last up to 1 year so if I want to maintain the look I’ll have to keep having this done. Secondly, for me there was some recovery time afterwards. I didn’t take pictures but on days 2 and 3 post-procedure my nose was swollen and red where the filler had been injected. I had a sore head for 3 days and under my eyes looked dark and lightly bruised. That was the worst of my experience. The after-effects lasted for about a week and then they went away.

If you have any questions or thoughts about my non surgical nose job just leave a comment. Also let me know if you want details of the Dr who performed the procedure in Zurich.

NOTE! These are my personal opinions based on my experience. Please always consult your Doctor for advice on cosmetic procedures.

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