Hello!!! Long time no chat. I’m SO sorry for not getting in touch sooner. I’ve literally been UP THE WALLS with the move back to Ireland. Seriously, I completely forgot how exhausting moving is so I decided to take a month off from the blog to deal with real life!



So here we are again. Summer has shoved off so on with the cosy knits, long sleeves and layers while we transition (I REALLY despise that word) to autumn. I actually love the in-between spring and autumn seasons. They’re not too hot or too cold and I love a chance to layer trench coats, knits and shirts with jeans and skirts.



I’m (reluctantly) transitioning…

When we came back to Ireland at the start of August I realised I packed wayyy too many summer dresses and not enough warm clothes (I do this every time!). Yeh I was optimistic and let’s face it, delusional and basically freezing! I had heard good things about NA-KD and I’ve seen a lot of my favourite bloggers with great pieces from there so when they asked me if I wanted to try a few things I immediately skipped online to check out their latest collection.

I have never shopped with them before and I have to say I was impressed with their range. They have a broad selection of pieces, stock lots of different brands as well as their own NA-KD range plus they’re aren’t too expensive.

So… here is one of my three must-have pieces from NA-KD this season (buy it here). Oh the excitement when you find the ultimate dress AND it’s in your favourite colour! I adore the dark blue / midnight shade of this kimono wrap dress and the luxurious silky sheen. Don’t you think it looks way more expensive than €66?!



Oh and there’s a cheeky lil discount for you!

Use my code talesofjude20 to get 20% off this dress or ANYTHING on the NA-KD site. Go on, get shopping!

There’s more…

I still have loads to share with you:

  • two more of my favourite Autumn picks from NA-KD,
  • all the improvements I’ve been making to my new house (I love a good project!),
  • my experience getting a Non-Surgical Nose Job,
  • the next Meet The Blogger interview (she’s amazing!), AND
  • tips on how to create a year-round fool proof wardrobe based on lessons learned living abroad.

So plenty more to come on the blog over the next month. I hope you come back soon for a read!

Thanks for dropping by – J xx


What I’m Wearing

Kimono Dress* NA-KD // Heels MANGO (similar here and here) // Bag GUCCI

(Kimono wrap dress gifted from NA-KD)


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