Silk pyjamas, heels, broad daylight, yeh sure why not. As trends go pyjama dressing is still big news this year and it’s not hard to see why. Feeling cosy and looking chic is a WINNING COMBO in my book, especially when you’re bathed in silk.

And the bed to bar look is pretty easy to nail. You just throw on your favourite shoes, a slick of lipstick and a bag and you’re good to go. Just make sure your pjs are luxe in silk or satin though. Cotton onesies aren’t gonna cut it here.




If it’s good enough for Gigi

I’ve flirted with pyjama dressing before with a pj style shirt and jeans (have a peek here). But I’ve never committed to the full look. So when I was recently invited to a rooftop pyjama party in Zurich it seemed the right time to wear my Luna di Seta silk pjs outside. Any excuse, they are sooooo comfortable and the most amazing colour, midnight blue. Ok I did feel a bit self conscious. Especially on the tram when people looked me up and down but heh, in for a penny… Plus If Jenna Lyons can wear hers on the red carpet and Gigi with a pair of white boots I think I’ve got this.

As I’m wrapped like a Cadbury’s chocolate bar I went for minimal accessories with my Cult Gaia Ark bag (this is the Large size) and snake print Mode Collective heels. Keep it simple, that’s my motto.




Oh and if you’ve got your eye on this bag check out my full review of the Cult Gaia Ark bag here before you purchase.

Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great week! J xx

Outfit Details

Pyjamas LUNA DI SETA (similar here, here and here) // Heels MODE COLLECTIVE (similar here) // Bag CULT GAIA

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