So after 3 and a half years it’s time to pack up and leave Switzerland! I’ve loved Zurich but things can’t last forever and so we’re off to… Ireland! Yes I’m coming home, haha! It was a bit of a last minute decision and a toss up between Amsterdam, London or Dublin. This time Dublin won so here we go.





So I’m currently perched on the end of our dining table with a slice of pizza, surrounded by documents, clothes, a pile of kids toys and a load of stuff! But I wanted to let you know what was happening.

I’ve packed a few cases of clothes for the next month while we’re roaming round Ireland and I’m pretty much ready to leave. Thankfully there’s a moving team coming in this week to pack everything up. Seriously I don’t know what I would do without these relocation companies. They’re amazing!

So we’ll move into temporary accommodation in Zurich for a few days before flying on to Dublin. Then we’ll float between hotels, temporary accommodation, family homes and finally get into our own place hopefully by the end of August before Malin’s school starts.




Going back but moving on

Even though I’m returning to the homeland, I don’t feel like I’m going back, if you know what I mean. Ok I might be returning to familiar territory and friends and family but it feels like we’re moving forward, which psychologically speaking is important. I’ve loved living in another country and would absolutely be up for doing it again, who knows where we’ll end up!


Can we just talk about this Sacai dress

I couldn’t leave without posting one of my favourite shoots in the old town in this amazing Sacai dress with my favourite photographer Jennifer März. She is THE best, so talented and an all round beautiful girl!!

I picked up this Sacai dress earlier in summer in The Trois Pommes store in Zurich. I absolutely adore the shirt dress cut, the denim colours and of course those stripes. It’s one of those pieces you want to wear any chance you get. Prepare to be fed up looking at it!

I hope to catch up with you soon! Oh and for you bloggers in Ireland and the UK let me know when you fancy meeting up!

Thanks for dropping by – J ♥♥♥


The Outfit

Dress SACAI // Boots DUNE LONDON // Trench Coat IRIS & INK (old) // Shades CELINE // Bag GUCCI

Photography by Jennifer März

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