2017 taught me a few things about life and happiness. Moving country, moving back home has been in some ways life changing and it has pushed me to think about what it is I really want for myself in 2018. I haven’t got the details figured out just yet but I do know how I want to feel at the end of this year and where I want to have spent my time.

On a sartorial note I’ve learned a few things about my style and what works for me and I’ve realised that check is and always will be SUPREME. We’ve all seen trends come and go but check just never seems to lose it’s edge. I’ve never had as many plaid pieces in my wardrobe as I do now, from an oversized blazer, to wide leg cropped trousers, a trench coat, ankle boots to cigarette trousers. Yesss a lot of check!

I saw this bright check coat and instantly fell for it. Not just because of the print but because of the tailoring, the collar and the higher positioning of the pockets. Look at it! It’s one of those coats that makes you look and feel good.

I’m wearing the coat with my husband’s shirt, a navy velvet mini skirt (one of my best purchases from MANGO last year) and over-the-knee boots. I love an oversized shirt, especially his shirts. It’s that French vibe. The whole thing is cooler. The sleeves are longer, the cuffs are chunky and you can wear it open and loose over a lace bra or buttoned up and masculine. There’s a lot to be said for great basics. I’ve started buying my shirts a size or 2 up to get that larger look and feel.



I’ll let you in on a secret, well 5 actually…

I have a lot of clothes. I love them all, maybe not equally but enough to keep them for now! I’m always aiming to have a capsule wardrobe (for space saving purposes if nothing else) but I love trying new things so I’m not sure if I’ll ever achieve a perfect capsule closet in my lifetime. That being said, when I think about what I’ve worn in the past 12 months, the key pieces I reach for time after time, I can count a handful of essentials. So I thought I’d share, not just to inspire you but to remind myself of what I’m about:

  1. His shirt – crisp, white and perfect with jeans and boots or a suit (just add heels for work, sneakers for the weekend).
  2. Chunky boots – I bought these black cut-out boots over a year ago. They’re dupes of the classic Balenciaga boots and I’ve worn them SO much. I’m actually not a fan of dupes in general. There’s a fine line between inspiration and blatant stealing which makes me feel uncomfortable. That’s why I don’t do those best dupes blog posts. I got this pair to see if I liked the style and if they would suit me. I was worried they would make my UK size 4 feet look massive! But they don’t (I think) so I’m tempted to get the real thing, once I’ve saved up €995…
  3. Trench coat – as I said earlier I’ve got a check trench coat which I’m a huge fan of. I think you always feel dressed with a tailored trench. I also have a classic beige trench from Tommy Hilfiger, a navy silky one from Iris & Ink at The Outnet and a blue one from NEXT. I wear them all year and let’s face it, I’ll probably add a new one to the collection this year too! There’s a reason they’re still around.
  4. Straight leg jeans – I love my skinny jeans and wide leg denim but you cannot go wrong with a good straight leg cut, like the Levi’s 714 jeans. Classic. No brainer purchase.
  5. A designer bag – you know I adore my bags and I’ll always prioritise a great bag over clothes and shoes. Not everyone feels this way but for me it’s the one way I elevate my look. I also use my bags. I won’t just whip them out for a ‘special occasion’ or for a shoot. If you buy carefully and look after them you’ll have pieces you can pass on or sell again. Check out my review of my Gucci Dionysus and Cult Gaia Ark bags.

What are your wardrobe essentials and have you cracked the perfect capsule wardrobe? If so please tell me what you have in yours!!

Thanks for dropping by – J ♥



I’m wearing: Check Coat TOPSHOP // Men’s Shirt M&S (similar here) // Mini Skirt MANGO (old, similar here and here) // OTK Boots MANGO (sold out! Similar here)

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