When it comes to certain parts of my closet I’m a creature of habit. I find a style I like and pretty much stick to it. It’s only recently that I’ve switched from padded, underwired bras to soft, delicate bralets. I was always worried that anything without extensive wiring, hardware and scaffolding would lead to a bit too much freedom, if you know what I’m saying. Well, it turns out there was nothing to worry about. Seriously, they are a-m-azing. Supportive, comfortable and downright pretty. So pretty in fact that it’s only right to put them on display.

I have to thank Anderswo for introducing me to the most exquisite lace bra by Anine Bing. Thanks!

Check out my other favourite bralets below. Oh and don’t forget the golden rule: every time you add a new bra, throw an old one out!

J ♥

Pics above: Anine Bing Lace Bra with Trim ⇒ Check out the full monochrome look here.

Top Picks

  1. Topshop Lace Triangle Bra
  2. Victoria’s Secret Front-Close Bralette
  3. H&M Triangle Bra
  4. Anine Bing Delicate Lace Bra

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